Let's kick off with a couple of options for urban girls who adore comfortable shoes and ankle boots. Here at Moksín, we proudly introduce two models of Chelsea ankle boots: a sleek flat black ankle boot and a black ankle boot with a medium square heel. Now, you might think they're just your regular black ankle boots, but surprise! The flat ankle boot features side elastic that mimics a sock, giving it a unique twist on the classic Chelsea style. On the other hand, the mid-heeled ankle boot showcases the trendy square heel that has been making waves since last winter. The V-shaped cut and finish of the side elastic exude youthful vibes, adding a fresh touch to the boot's profile. And let's not forget the straight cut sole that gives it a modern edge where the pointed toe meets.

Now, for our final option in this post, we haven't forgotten about the ladies who want to dress up a bit more for work without compromising on comfort. We know that comfortable boots with an extra touch can make all the difference in an outfit. That's why, from Moksín, we've selected two ankle boot models for this category. The first one features a short toe and a rounded heel, while the second one also sports a rounded heel but with a straight toe. Both designs are adorned with minimal stud details, adding just the right amount of edginess to showcase the wearer's character. Undoubtedly, the rounded heel is set to be one of the hottest fashion trends this fall-winter season, setting these boots apart from the rest.

At Moksín, we understand that basic and comfortable black shoes are indispensable for your everyday wardrobe. However, we also believe in offering you options that go beyond the ordinary and provide that extra touch of fashion-forward flair. We want you to stand out from the crowd while enjoying the comfort you deserve.