When we first laid eyes on Kennel and Schmenger's collection, we instantly fell in love with their range of creepers and sporty shoes featuring chunky yet lightweight soles. They skillfully incorporated two of the most significant trends for this autumn-winter season into their sporty designs: velvet and military style. As always, they set themselves apart with impeccable craftsmanship and their interpretation of fashion and trends, embodying their brand image. This is evident in the green velvet finish, adorned with a star pattern on the same material, as well as the black velvet version featuring crystal-finished stars. As you can see, stars will be one of the prominent embellishments for this autumn-winter season. In a future post, we will delve deeper into Kennel and Schmenger's complete collection. For now, we leave you with these photos as a sneak peek of their velvet sporty shoes with ultra-lightweight soles, ensuring you never compromise on the comfort that characterizes this brand.

Kennel and Schmenger's mid-heel bootie model, featuring the velvet finish seen in their trainers.

In the next segment, we'll be showcasing the flat velvet booties from Eeight by Miista. You might not be too familiar with this brand yet, as it's only been on the market for a year. But let me tell you, that's been enough time for them to make a name for themselves in our collections. Their laid-back designs and wallet-friendly prices are the perfect combination.These pointed-toe velvet flat booties are something special. And guess what? They're adorned with pearl embellishments that add a touch of sophistication to the ankle area. Trust me, those pearls take these booties from basic to fabulous in no time. So, don't hesitate to add them to your velvet bootie collection.

We saved the Seiale collection for this fall-winter season as the grand finale, and we're excited to present it to you at Moksín.Let's start with the velvet square-toe or straight-toe pumps with snake print leather-covered heels. These pumps not only boast a cushioned sole but also feature a chunky heel, making them some of the most comfortable shoes you'll come across in this category. The snake print leather-covered heel adds a unique touch that sets them apart from your typical velvet pumps. It's all about those little details that make a big difference, ensuring you don't end up seeing replicas of your own shoes every day and getting bored of them too quickly. Remember, it's the small touches that truly make an impact.

And as the final option in this post, we present you these stylish mid-heeled shoes for those who prefer pumps over booties. In this particular model, the square mid heel maintains the velvet finish, just like the rest of the shoe, to ensure all attention is on the striking chain detail adorning the upper part of the instep. This design element truly takes center stage and adds a touch of elegance to the overall look. So, if you're looking for a shoe that stands out, these are the ones for you.

We hope that among all these velvet footwear options, you'll be able to find your next pair of comfortable high-heeled pumps for everyday wear, your perfect mid-heeled booties, or your ideal pair of mid-heeled shoes that suit both your needs and, of course, your style and taste. Because at the end of the day, finding the right footwear is all about embracing your individuality and expressing yourself through fashion. So go ahead and pick the ones that speak to you the most.