We start a new day in Moksín talking about Blundstone boots that one more year have come to our store with their classic boots and with some interesting new additions. Keep reading!

The history of Blundstone goes back to 1870 when the Blundstone family settled in Hobart, Australia, coming from England from where they began to import footwear until they were able to manufacture their own models with leather and materials from the area. Years later, they included the word Tasmania in their boots and their factory in Hobart produced 2000 pairs of boots and shoes per week. Incredible. When the World War breaks out, Blundstone is contracted to manufacture shoes for the Australian troops.

Around 1930 the Cuthbertsons family, also linked to the shoe industry, acquired the Blundstone business. They are still the owners today. The following decades are of vital importance for the brand, its soles acquire great fame thanks to the fact that they withstand the most extreme conditions such as the very high temperatures of the firing rooms of the foundries.

It is when we reach the 60's that the birth of the #500 Blundstone boot takes place, undoubtedly the most recognized by all of us. This model is totally original, the sole has evolved to incorporate new technologies but the chelsea boot design with pull tabs remains the classic that defines the brand. From its creation to the present day, the Blundstone #500 boot has sold more than 25 million pairs worldwide.

Today you can see Blundstone boots on the feet of children and adults, Blundstone boots for the city and for the country, Blundstone boots for the whole family. In Moksín we are happy to bring you one more season the best models of Blundstone boots. Read on to find out what you can find on the shelves of our shoe store.

We start with the original Blundstone 500 stout Brown chelsea boots and the Blundstone 510 black chelsea boots. Undoubtedly the classics that never go out of fashion. Made of waterproof leather with a strong and durable sole that is designed to reduce the impact of our footsteps when walking.

Undoubtedly one of your favorites are the Blundstone 585 rustic brown boots and the Blundstone 587 rustic black boots. Its worn finish is what we like the most because it is very combinable with both brown and black. A boot with elastics easy to fit and very comfortable that season after season you sell out in all sizes. A best-seller boot without a doubt.

We start with the novelties of the season with the Blundstone 1447 black peeble boot. The leather is black and matte and has a soft texture. A very elegant model perfect also for your urban chic looks.

We love the Blundstone boots with colored elastic! Just as versatile as the models with classic colors but with a fun touch that will cheer up your grayest days. The Blundstone 1919 brown mustard boot is made of brown leather with side elastic in a striking mustard yellow color and the Blundstone 519 brown olive boot has side elastic in green, a trend color for this fall winter 2022 season.

An effective combination is the Blundstone 577 black grey boot. This black leather winter boot stands out for the lightness provided by the grey elastic.

The most elegant Blundstone boot in the collection is undoubtedly the 1940 navy nubuck. This blue boot has a very soft velvety finish and the leather from which it is made is just as durable as all its shelf mates.

Another novelty of the season is the Blundstone 1910 steel grey boot made in grey split leather that joins a model that repeats the campaign after its good reception last winter. We are talking about the Blundstone 1615 dark olive boot made in green split leather. Two very urban designs with a rustic material that is both very daring and resistant.

Do you want to buy vegan Blundstone boots? Made of certified vegan microfiber and waterproof, they have the same aesthetics as the original Blundstone. The 2116 brown model is in chocolate brown and the 2115 black model is in black. We like the handles with the brand name in green.

Looking for heeled Blundstone boots? We have them too. A narrower model that fits the foot but is just as comfortable. The heel adds a more elegant look. We still have a few sizes left, don't miss your chance to wear an original Blundstone lady heel boots with personality.

Of course we also have Blundstone for men. The models are the same as those for women as they come with continuous numbering. You will have no problem finding your favorite Blundstone model in the size you need.

We want to highlight the Blundstone for men 1917 black navy made in blue leather with elastics in a nice blue color.

We can not forget the little ones of the house. This season we have two Blundstone models for boys and girls to go combined with the older ones. The Blundstone boot model 565 rustic Brown and the Blundstone boot model 580 black blue are a fantastic option to keep your children's feet protected and comfortable.

And with this we finish the presentation of Blundstone this season, be sure to take a look at our website to see models, sizes and prices.

How are Blundstone boots sized? Normally customers choose their usual size, they are quite wide boots and some models include an insole to fill that width if necessary. If you make a mistake with the size in our store you can make a first change at no cost. And if you have any questions you can write to us and we will be happy to advise you.

To buy Blundstone boots online with free shipping in the Peninsula you can enter our website or you can buy Blundstone in Santiago de Compostela in our store in Montero Ríos 29.

See you in the next post!