Today from Moksín we want to talk to you about one of the most special collections that you can find in our stores this fall winter 2022. A brand that surprises us year after year by reinventing itself and offering us new designs with wonderful finishes and colors.

We are talking about Mou, one of the pioneering brands in the creation of natural fur boots and ankle boots. It was the Mou Eskimo Inner Wedge boot that we first met, available in two shaft heights, with its unmistakable five-centimeter internal wedge and its frontal stitching made of wool. Finally some warm, comfortable boots with a little heel. They were a complete success. Until today, countless collections and models of Mou ankle boots have passed through our store, always with great expectation and acceptance behind them.

The truth is that Mou has surpassed itself this season, we have the basic models, the ones we call wardrobe essentials, in various colors and heights, and also a wide selection of the most desired models of this season. New soles, new designs and new colors that will delight the most trendy.

Before starting with the presentation of Mou boots and ankle boots, we are going to answer some frequently asked questions about this brand.

How do the Mou boots fit?

It depends on the model, in the Mou Eskimo Inner Wedge we recommend you buy one size less. Of the Mou French, Mou Eskimo 18, Mou Eskimo 40 models and in all the Sneaker, Trainer... we recommend buying your usual size. Of course, each foot and each boot are different, so if you don't get the right size at Moksín, we offer you a free first change. If you have questions, call us and we will advise you.

Can Mou boots get wet?

This question is repeated in different ways: do Mou boots withstand the rain? This year we can find several models with patent leather finishes and thick soles that are more resistant to rain, although the truth is that they do not have any protection against water. Depending on the finish, you can apply a spray to waterproof them and even if they get a little wet, nothing will happen to them. Of course, avoid wearing them on rainy days.

How do I care for my Mou boots?

Simply brush them to remove any traces of dust and dirt and wipe them clean with a damp cloth. You can use some protective spray before you start using them to protect them from stains and water. You can ask your trusted shoemaker for the most suitable product.

If you have any questions about Mou boots, contact us at and we will be happy to answer you.

We believe that Mou boots make a good Christmas gift, they are quality boots and very useful for the colder months. If you are looking for an original and surprising Christmas gift, stay and read us to discover the option that best suits you.

We want to start this presentation about the Mou boots and ankle boots that you can buy online on our website with a brief review of the basics. The most recognized Mou boots, the originals, the classic Mou Eskimo Inner Wedge.

The Mou Eskimo Inner Wedge Tall tends the upper shaft to the height of the calf. A very flattering cut that you can find in two colors: classic black and combinable taupe with gray trim.

The Mou Eskimo Inner Wedge Short is the little sister of the shaft. One of Mou's best-selling models. We are passionate about the metallic color, perfect for these dates and in addition to black and taupe (undoubtedly a wardrobe staple) we highlight the military green color, a novelty of the season that looks beautiful combined with light colors.

What do you think of the Mou French Toe Wedge? It is a narrower boot at the toe and shaft and the wedge measures about seven centimeters. In this boot you should buy your usual size. It seems to us a more elegant and arranged model.

This season we can find several Mou models made in patent leather, a material that we love because it is very easy to clean and also repels water.

This Mou French toe Wedge Tall boot made in beige patent leather is very combinable, we love it for long dresses.

If you prefer dark colors, we have the low-cut French Toe Wedge short boot in black with a patent leather finish. The black color is one of your favorites when choosing your Mou boots, since it combines with everything and is very long-lasting. You can find the Mou French boot in a suede finish and in two different heights.

Last but not least we present the Mou inner wedge front heart patch boot. A Mou jewel wonder crafted in metallic leather with an impressive frontal patch made of rhinestones. The set is finished off by the patterned hair on the top. Undoubtedly, a boot made for the most daring, those who like to be known to wear the best of Mou and who don't mind being stopped on the street to ask about their shoes;)

It was the turn of the Mou boots without a wedge. The Mou eskimo 18 model is cute, it has a short shaft and looks very nice with wool socks. Available in three colours: military green, anthracite gray and taupe. A basic and stylish model.

We climbed many centimeters of cane until we reached the Mou eskimo 40. A marvelous warm and loving fur boot. Perfect for chilly girls who don't want to give up style. A risky but safe bet. Find your Mou eskimo 40 in black, camel and gray on our website.

We also have Mou boots with flat soles made of new and original materials such as shiny leather and matte textured leather, as well as the well-known patent leather.

Pay attention to the combination of colors and materials of this Mou flat eskimo 24 color block boot. The white matt leather front upper contrasts with the black stitching. We love the gray wool interior, matching the suede heel in the same colour.

We also have the Mou wedgeless Mou eskimo 24 color block boot in three shades in pastel tones. What do you not say about the pearly pink shovel? We love the vivid color and the pearl gray on the back. If you are looking for a light-colored Mou boot, this seems like an excellent option. Ideal with a long white down jacket.

In the Mou patent leather flat boots you can choose between white and black. The Mou boot without wedge eskimo 24 rhinestone logo undoubtedly stands out for the rear logo made with silver glitter. A furry boot with a luxurious finish.

We finally come to my favorite part: the Mou Sneaker, Mou Trainer, Mou Jogger... Mou adapts to trends without losing a bit of its essence, we can find sports soles in its collections for several seasons and it has been this autumn winter 2022 where we can offer you a wide variety of styles and finishes.

As you know, the rules of style have changed, we are in an era where anything goes and comfort prevails. That is why we love that a brand as powerful as Mou is committed to offering us a wide variety of comfortable and warm but stylish ankle boots in which the design stands out. These sports soles allow us to walk all day, keeping our feet warm, perfect for traveling in the colder months.

We start with the Mou eskimo trainer big metallic letter logo ankle boots since they have a patent finish and we like them a lot for these winter months. Available in beige and black, we highlight the fantastic back logo.

Of course we also have a Mou eskimo trainer in metallic green. One of the colors of the season.

The Mou eskimo jogger have a variation in the sole but maintain the sporty essence of their companions.

This wonderful Mou eskimo jogger limited edition is made of leather with a wrinkled finish in a precious pearly tone that adds a touch of luxury. This Mou model is new this season.

The Mou jogger snowboot short (new in this campaign) is like a snow boot. The laces and the height of the shaft remind us of an Eskimo boot. The color is ideal to wear with everything. The patent finish provides an extra luxury.

One of my favorite models is the Eskimo jogger ckpora made of bright orange and black leather. The color is beautiful and very original. Ideal if you already want Mou boots and want to take a risk with something more special. The black sole and the orange embroideries are key details of this model.

The Mou Eskimo Jogger CkpBlu boot is not far behind. The Klein blue color stands out against the night black. Just wonderful.

Another novelty for the autumn winter 2022 season is the Mou eskimo 18 bounce boot, which offers us a platform of about 4.5 cm and a metallic finish in orange and bronze that we have fallen in love with.

We cannot leave behind this fantastic duo of Mou ankle boots with a sporty sole.

The Mou eskimo sneaker bold nucog boot in camel color is a basic. Combinable with all the colors of your wardrobe and with a very resistant leather finish.

It is essential to have a shoe with an animal print in your closet. We love the mou eskimo sneaker bols smcht boot with animal print for a total black look.

If what you are looking for are Mou with a platform to insulate you well from the ground while adding centimeters to your height, the chunky model is yours. They are black Mou boots with fur contrasting with the white stitching and with a very powerful fat white or purple sole, whichever you like best.

Take a look at the purple hair on the Mou chunky eskimo trainer bkpur boot, which matches the sole.

If you are from the black and white binomial, you are interested in the Mou eskimo sneaker bktau boot.

We are not forgetting another innovative Mou sole, an impressive platform that is light, with a brutal presence and that we can find in two totally different models.

The Mou eskimo snow boot twist short nucog boot is one of the new Mou models that you cannot miss, the camel leather is super resistant and the light sole is very comfortable. Accompanied of course with natural hair and finished off with an aesthetic snow boot.

The mou eskimo clog twist nucog clog has a seventies air and we love it to wear without socks with ankle-length pants. Give prominence to this wonderful fur clog from Mou.

Mou's best sellers for this fall-winter 2022 season have undoubtedly been clogs. Clogs are making a name for themselves thanks to the fact that they are very comfortable and easy to put on and bring a brutal style to whoever wears them. These Mou clogs are unique pieces that define the person who wears them as fun and with a lot of personality.

Don't miss out on the latest sizes of these Mou green or purple Winter bio slide long hair ponyskin clogs with logo on the front.

f you don't like fur and you want a clog that can be combined with a pretty color and just as comfortable, we have the Mou bio slide big letter logo mule clog in bronze. The metallic colors combine with everything and are very stylish.

We leave a bit of color to finish this post with information about Mou with a very special model and full of joy and good vibes. The Mou chunky clog with backstrap mixpu clog is a delight for the eyes. Perfect for happy people who dress in a colorful way or for people who want to give the final touch to a sober look. Whatever you are, we assure you that you will not go unnoticed.

We recommend that you take a look at all the models that we have of Mou boots and ankle boots on our website since we have more models and colors and surely you can find an option that you like. Whether you want to buy a Mou for yourself or you want to buy a Mou as a gift, remember that on our website we have free shipping for orders over 50 euros in the Peninsula and the first change is free.

If what you want is to see, touch and try Mou, we are waiting for you in our stores in A Estrada and Santiago de Compostela.