Due to the time that this model of Dolfie boots has been with us, as we say in the headline, we can begin to consider it as one of its iconic models. This model of boots with inner fur that Dolfie presented a few winters ago has gradually gained a small space within our collections and also within the collections of our clients. It has earned it due to its originality of finishes and its distinctive aesthetic between mountain boots with rings and intertwined laces and its interior fur finish that makes you feel like slippers at home but on the street, which is appreciated in the cold winter days.

We have chosen three of the dolfie indiana boots with the most original finishes to present them in this post.

The first is the Dolfie Indiana 3 Sand Tweed boot. Its greatest feature is the Tweed-type fabric that it presents throughout its entire tongue, this fabric in which the ice color predominates combined with the beige color of the rest of the boot brings a lot of light to the final finish. Without a doubt, they will be the beacon of your darkest outfits in winter. This model of dolfie indiana boots is also available in the children's version and its description would be the dolfie kids indiana boot.

The second is the Dolfie Indiana 5 boot. On this occasion, the main attraction of the boot is the combination of the metallic leather in a champagne color on the base with the blue suede finish on the upper part and the final touch of the interior hair in color white.

And the third is the Dolfie Indiana 7 boot. In this last option, the color loses contrast since it is made in the same shade of dark blue, but what makes it a special boot is its combination of metallic leather on the base, suede on the sides and final finish in fabric on the entire tongue. Here the color contrast is reserved only for the ice color of the sole and the beige color of the inner fur.

As we already mentioned at the beginning this winter, the Dolfie Indiana boots have a wide variety of finishes. These are just three examples of the great variety that you can find in our stores and in our online store.