LEI É never fails to amaze us with their stunning heels that evoke images of architecture, volumes, and columns. When we speak of LEI É booties and shoes, we are talking about pure design.

Embracing the trend of diverse heel types and unique volumes this fall-winter season, LEI É has created booties with a round, seemingly oversized heel that transforms into a true gem once you embrace its aesthetic. The two-tone lacquered finish of the heel, combined with the elongated semi-rounded shape in the same hue, makes these booties a luxurious treat for your feet. Despite their medium heel height, they provide excellent comfort due to their solid base.

Next, we present a pair that features the same color palette in both the high chunky-heeled bootie and the medium square-heeled shoe from LEI É. With black, green, and white leather, the shoe model epitomizes the essence of LEI É's classic style, while the color combination adds attractiveness and versatility, reflecting the prominent hues of this fall-winter season. As for the bootie, its height and volume will undoubtedly turn heads when you step out. Despite its high heel, the wide base ensures comfort throughout the day.

Lastly, we introduce a captivating pair of LEI É shoes and booties that not only combine colors but also mix materials in the heels. The medium square-heeled LEI É shoe boasts curved edges and a gold metallic finish, making it one of the most distinctive pieces in our fall-winter collection. On the other hand, the medium square-heeled LEI É bootie, featuring black leather with a wooden upper finish, pays homage to iconic men's tap shoes with its black-and-white bicolor combination and three faux laces on the vamp. If you crave unique and one-of-a-kind footwear, any option from this collection is a must-have.

As we mentioned earlier, this fall-winter collection from LEI É has us head over heels. We hope you experience the same sensation. Let's not forget that LEI É is a proudly Spanish brand, designed and manufactured right here in our country – an added value that truly sets them apart.

Explore the enchanting world of LEI É and indulge in their remarkable footwear, where design meets architectural inspiration.