We present the collection of Mou boots for this summer, although in this post we will only talk about the boots, you can also find Mou sandals and classic Mou clogs in our collection for Moksin.

As I'm sure you already know, this is the second collection of Mou boots that is made for summer, the first one came out last summer. This spring summer, the materials and fabrics that Mou chooses to make his designs are among the strongest trends that fashion presents for this campaign. One of these star materials is denim.

The two models of Mou boots that we present below are a clear example of how the brand uses this material with different finishes.

The first Mou boot has an esparto wedge. The side of the boot presents the completely smooth dark-colored denim contrasting with the light-colored stitching in ice and the floral print along the upper. This model is one of the most original that we will have this year.

The second option of the Mou boot with denim fabric is designed for the more urban girls who do not renounce the flat. The sole has a rubber sneaker finish and the denim fabric has small random tears, the color is a shade lighter than that of the Mou esparto wedge boot.

Leaving fabrics aside, Mou also presents us with other options for boots with suede finishes, but with ornaments and gemstones that make the boots little jewels for the most whimsical.

The following Mou summer boots with esparto wedge are a clear example of this type of finish that makes them much more sophisticated boots than the previous ones. The stones on the crossed straps of one and the central flower on the instep of the other will make you fall in love.

Another of the advantages of these Mou boots are their colours, very easy to combine with the entire color range that is presented this summer in the clothing collections.

And to finish we show you another option in the Mou sneaker-type flat boot. The embossed white leather finish will light up any look, as well as making it easy to combine the most daring look in terms of colours.

We are waiting for you in Moksín so that you can see and touch this new collection of Mou boots for summer.