Years of working and collaborating with Nemonic have given us the confidence to assure you that the retro Nemonic shoes we are about to present will be a hit this summer. Approximately ten years ago, these Nemonic shoes were a sensation in our stores, available in closed-toe and open-toe versions and a variety of colors.

Well, now they are back stronger than ever, as the fashion trends toward retro and vintage styles make these Nemonic shoes, in their different versions and color combinations, incredibly beautiful and original for this spring-summer season.

The first version of Nemonic shoes features a patent leather finish and a "T" strap on the instep. The selected heel design for this model showcases horizontal stripes in black and white. This heel style complements the three patent leather colors available: black with ice accents, ice with black accents, and pink with black accents. These three colors are easy to combine for summer looks.

The second version of Nemonic shoes that we present is much more playful in terms of material combinations. It combines leather with polka dot prints on the side panels, paired with a solid-colored toe and trim. The colored trim separates the toe from the polka dot section, and the rounded wooden-finish heel adds a touch of nostalgia reminiscent of the Pin-Up aesthetic that peaked in the 1950s.

We understand that these shoes have a unique personal appeal, but we hope that the distinctive personality of Nemonic shoes will captivate you. We are already excited to discover the new color and material combinations that Nemonic will continue to unveil throughout the year.