Sneakers are still one of the hottest-selling products in recent seasons, and the next one won't be any different. We've checked out collections from many brands, and guess what? They all have a rad selection of kicks!Now, we've handpicked two killer models from Elena Iachi's collection that we're confident will be the objects of your desire. Get ready to fall in love!

The biggest difference between these two Elena Iachi sneakers is the type of closure. One features a double Velcro strap, while the other has laces. From our point of view, the double Velcro adds a lot of character to the sneaker, but if you prefer a more relaxed style, you have the option of the lace closure.

The two types of leather used are leopard print and military print. We chose these leather options because they are perfect for this winter season, and we're confident they will continue to trend into the upcoming spring.

Another factor that adds a lot of personality to these Elena Iachi sneakers is the neon pink and neon fluorescent detailing. Just like the leather prints, these neon colors will also be seen in the collections of the upcoming summer.

Without a doubt, by purchasing these Elena Iachi sneakers, you'll have a product that will last you for the remainder of this year and throughout the next year, thanks to their advanced aesthetics and high-quality materials.

Here are some photos of these Elena Iachi sneakers that are already making waves in our physical stores and online shop