The Mou boot collection offers a surprising range of options that go beyond what you might expect. While the classic Mou boots have been the center of attention in recent winters, it's time to explore the new additions that are gaining popularity alongside them.

Let's kick off with the Mou Eskimo Sneaker boots. While this style isn't new to the collection, it has truly come into its own. It has been a long-time favorite in Italy, and now it's making waves among the basic Mou boots here in Spain. At Moksín, we have carefully selected a standout model that features a tricolor fur trim, sparkling crystal embellishments, and intricate embroidered details on the leather.

Next up are the Mou Inner Wedge Sneaker boots. These boots offer a wedge heel, giving a natural alternative for those who love the elevation provided by the basic Mou boots. In the model we're sharing below, Mou has introduced a fresh element with stone accents resembling delicate pearls.

Moving on to the Mou Running Sneaker boots. This design takes inspiration from the trendy chunky platform sneakers that are a hit among fashion-forward city dwellers. While it may lean towards a creeper-style flat, these never-before-seen Mou boots for this season offer a fantastic choice for the daring individuals who want to stand out. The version we've chosen showcases a sleek metallic black color, effortlessly complementing both urban and dressier winter outfits.

Last but not least, we have a unique twist on the timeless Mou Inner Wedge Short boots. This particular pair stands out due to its fully furry exterior, creating an original and personal touch akin to cozy booties.

Feel free to explore the entire Mou boot collection we're presenting this winter at Moksín by following the link provided.