ID.EIGHT marks the realization of a dream for its two creators, who decided to merge their ideas and create the perfect blend of fashion and sustainability in their sneakers.

Dong Seon Lee and Giuliana Borzillo, the masterminds behind ID.EIGHT, both come from the footwear industry. When they first met at a trade fair in 2017, as they recall, their shared love for design brought them together. This eventually blossomed into a love story between the founders of the brand.

As they embarked on the journey of launching their Italian firm, they gradually discovered each other's aspirations and understood what they truly wanted from this venture. Dong, who had always dreamt of creating his own shoe line, aimed to blend his Oriental and minimalist identity with nods to his youth in the 90s. Giuliana, always mindful of sustainability and the environment, had a vision of building an eco-friendly brand with refined design. Thus, they turned their aspirations into a tangible reality, fueled by love. Today, Dong serves as the Creative Director, while Giuliana takes on the role of Brand Manager.

In 2019, their desire for change led to an in-depth exploration of sustainability. From that point on, design and the environment became inseparable in their revolutionary approach, where materials took center stage. Their raw materials primarily come from byproducts of the food industry, which are transformed into textile fabrics. They also make use of natural and recycled fibers. Notable names emerged, such as Piñatex (a fiber derived from pineapple waste, produced in Spain) and Vegea (manufactured in Italy through the biopolymerization of grape juice).

These fabrics are strategically incorporated into different parts of their sneakers, considering both function and design. We were captivated by their working methods and enthusiasm, as they propose solutions that never compromise on aesthetics and trendiness. Therefore, at Moksín, we proudly present their best-selling model of the season, the ID.EIGHT HANA sneaker.

This model, made from recycled or naturally sourced materials, represents a revolution in the world of fashion. Its innovative sole, crafted with a high percentage of recycled rubber, showcases a design unlike anything seen before in street-style sneakers. From there, the sneaker combines recycled polyester and cotton with materials like apple and pineapple leather.

Always eager to innovate, they are now introducing technical fabrics with special features such as water resistance. The ID.EIGHT HANA GREY ULTRA DROP model showcases this characteristic, making it the most timeless sneaker in the collection with its neutral color range, including shades of gray and black.

Discover the four available colors for both men and women, and get your hands on a pair of ID.EIGHT sneakers.