Brandblack, the brand recently arrived from Los Angeles that perfectly integrates functionality, design and innovation.

Its partners, two people with creative vision, give the necessary profile to make Brandblack sneakers a before and after in the world of sports footwear and streetwear.

David Raysse (original founder), came from working with Adidas and Billy Dill (co-founder) with Nike. There, they gained the necessary experience to broaden their horizons and define the BRANDBLACK concept.

In 2014, they launched what would become the most promising independent brand in the market. This unites minimalist and functional design, with innovation and technology of materials in their sneakers.

Their designs, fully developed and manufactured by themselves, guarantee a perfect balance that prioritizes simplicity and functionality. They work with ultra-lightweight and ultra-resistant premium materials to achieve the highest possible performance. To achieve this, they have to go beyond the technical fabric used in Brandblack shoes. That's why they also collaborate with other companies such as Vibram, whose soles are light and practical, where cushioning is a premium.

They try to surpass themselves in each collection, that's why they take a step forward in terms of the technology of their products, such as the inclusion of 3D printing for the realization of their stamps. But referring back to the soles, the Brandblack Sansin sneaker model, features the "Wraptech" sole, also created by Vibram. This sole uses mountain bike tire technology, and has a wrap-around construction that is the best solution in terms of grip.

In short, the Brandblack shoes are a product designed in detail to offer the best performance both for the urban scene and for activities that require more technical shoes. It would therefore meet all the requirements to become a versatile and useful purchase.

In Moksín we have a variety of models of Brandblack shoes to suit all tastes. Our selection has different colors and shapes chosen to become the best options for the spring/summer 2023 season.

The Brandblack Sansin is the sneaker model we have just mentioned, whose sole meets all the requirements to become the most versatile model. Its streetwear aesthetics but its technical features leave us amazed. It also introduces a different type of lacing, which allows to adjust the shoe to the instep without effort, and with guaranteed support.

Becoming the perfect choice for this spring summer season, we bring you the Brandblack Specter sneaker. In two different versions, either of the two would fit as the best choice for summer. Not only for their colors, but also for their materials. Designed to be a fresh and light shoe for warmer days.

Finally, the Brandblack Kaiju sneaker. It concentrates all the technological and innovative elements we talked about before. It is a high-performance shoe whose patented sole has the best cushioning and grip. In addition, the technical fabric with which this Brandblack Kaiju shoe is constructed is ultralight and abrasion resistant.

From the already mentioned Brandblack Sansin, to the more classic models such as the Brandblack Specter, any of them will become a sure hit.