Choosing models, materials, finishes, and soles from Kennel und Schmenger's sneaker collections can be a daunting task. The brand consistently presents sophisticated designs that perfectly align with the latest fashion trends, all while maintaining their commitment to exquisite quality in both exterior and interior materials.

Let's delve into some of the spring trends, using the exceptional finishes of Kennel und Schmenger sneakers as examples.

Wedge sneakers have made a strong comeback this season, thanks to their unparalleled comfort and versatility. Crafted with top-quality materials, they effortlessly transition from casual to dressier occasions.

One noteworthy wedge sneaker from Kennel und Schmenger features a frilled layered flap and a pearl-adorned strap, adding a trendy touch to its pink suede construction. Pearls are undoubtedly one of the must-have embellishments this season.

Another stunning wedge sneaker by Kennel und Schmenger showcases a taupe suede finish, which has become a signature color for the brand. Its layered flap takes center stage, now adorned with a rhinestone-embellished side buckle instead of pearls.

Retro running sneakers are another captivating category within the Kennel und Schmenger collection. Their white dentate soles effortlessly complement any summer ensemble, combining timeless style with impeccable craftsmanship. For those seeking a bolder look, the military green option, featuring a distinctive star detail, is an excellent choice.

Among these retro-inspired designs, a standout piece features an espadrille-like sole, convenient side zippers, and a captivating taupe hue. Its unique sole design makes it one of our personal favorites.

Now, let's shift our attention to the retro tennis section of Kennel und Schmenger sneakers. This relatively recent trend has gained traction, as more individuals embrace its distinct style.

Although these sneakers boast a creeper-like appearance with their thick soles, they are surprisingly lightweight. The classic white version, embellished with ruffled leather accents on the flap, is a versatile staple, while the monochromatic taupe model, featuring oversized rhinestone-finished eyelets and satin laces, exudes sophistication.

Lastly, we showcase the ultimate summer trend adapted to Kennel und Schmenger sneakers—the sock-like aesthetic applied to both boots and sneakers. Their black and white design creates a powerful visual impact, making them an irresistible choice.

Visit our store to experience the exceptional craftsmanship of Kennel und Schmenger sneakers firsthand. Feel free to try them on, compare styles, and discover the perfect pair that complements your individual style and caters to your diverse needs.