Gray days

At Moksín we totally get the power of deep thinking and introspection for personal growth. Questioning the norms, pondering our actions, and analyzing how we do things is seriously important to us.

This winter, we wrote a little something for our shop window about those gray days and their deeper meaning. And guess what? It's been amazing to see the incredible response it's gotten. Thanks a million for all the love and support.

Gray days, they make you think, don't they? 

About yourself, about life, about everything. Your mind just keeps going: the present, the past, the future. Do we even have a future? It's a lot to process. Sometimes it feels like your brain is on overload. But you know what? Embrace it. Keep on thinking, because it's through that endless stream of thoughts that you'll uncover where you come from and where you're going.

As each day passes, you'll find yourself becoming clearer. You'll start noticing how others try to do the thinking for you. But don't let them. Day by day, time keeps ticking away, and those supposedly gloomy gray days become less menacing. Maybe it's because you never really thought about them or their potential. So, think and rethink, and then think some more.

Think about the place you call home, the things you do, and how you do them. Think about yourself, about us, about everyone around you. Take a deep dive into your surroundings, even if they've been labeled as dull. Explore your culture, dive into thoughts you never thought you'd have. And when you're feeling overwhelmed, just pause. Look around and see how those gray days manage to keep the world around you so vibrant. Surrender to the magic.

So, keep on thinking. Your thoughts make you unique and free. And you know what? Those gray days might just have their own special kind of beauty.


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