Ever since we opened our doors in Santiago over 3 years ago, we have been fortunate to curate and create an array of captivating artistic interventions within our store. The memories of our inaugural shop window display with Véronica Moar still hold a special place in our hearts. Following that, we embarked on collaborations with Idoia Cuesta, brought to life the #ZapatosEOutras Historias project alongside Mónica de Nut, Bátega, and Cinta Adhesiva, and immersed ourselves in the captivating world of "Historias de Unha illa paradisíaca" with La Platanera. Additionally, we hosted unforgettable concerts featuring members of The Lákazans and curated delightful Galician wine tastings with VIDEVIDE.

At Moksín, we are passionate about integrating Galician art and culture into our everyday lives, as they are the essence of who we are. That is precisely why when the Proposal from Pasearte reached our doorstep in early December, declining was never an option.

Throughout the month of December, you will have the pleasure of experiencing the remarkable works of Galician artist Soledad Penalta showcased in our shop window. Soledad, an accomplished sculptor since 1972, specializes in the intricate craftsmanship of ceramics, high-temperature ceramics, refractories, bronze casting, iron casting, welded sheet iron, and large-scale outdoor sculptures.

For those who wish to delve deeper into the artist's journey, we invite you to discover more about Soledad Penalta here.