Shop windows. They are typically seen as mere storefronts for selling products, but for us, they embody something greater—an opportunity to connect, communicate, and forge bonds with those around us, including you. In this campaign, we've crafted an extraordinary display with a purpose: to inspire, express gratitude, and remind you that despite physical distances, we are always close.

When we first opened our boutique in Santiago back in 2015, we inscribed a mantra that encapsulates the essence of Moksín: "a mindful, purposeful, and responsible endeavor." This philosophy has guided us ever since, but this year, it holds even more significance given the events unfolding and the vision behind our OI2020 showcase. As a small local business, we believe in our duty to care for and support our community, even through something as simple as a captivating storefront. Without each and every one of you, who continually encourage us to open our doors each day, what we do would not be possible.