In this post, we're gonna talk about the top trends for this fall-winter 2020. If we take a closer look at the current situation, it's safe to say that the world of fashion embraces all sorts of styles and trends. We've gradually evolved towards a more liberated way of understanding fashion, where personal style and self-expression take precedence over momentary trends. However, we're still subconsciously influenced by prevailing guidelines, whether we like it or not.

Now, let's dive into the exciting world of shoes and boots for this winter 2020 season. We'll walk you through what's coming and explain the differences between various styles so that you don't miss a beat. Despite the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in, we've decided to create a powerful collection for autumn-winter 2020. It's packed with novelties that you can enjoy on the streets or during cozy family gatherings. What we're about to show you is the perfect excuse to ditch those indoor slippers ;)


In the previous summer campaign and even in some models from the previous winter, we introduced pointed toes. You know, we always like to introduce and anticipate trends that will be incorporated in future seasons within the world of fashion and shoes through small details and capsule collections. In this case, after two seasons of teasing, pointed toes are now presented as the safest option if you want to stay on-trend for fall-winter 2020.

Within pointed toes, you'll notice that we have more angled and sharply defined options for the bold fashionistas, as well as softer and gentler pointed styles for those who prefer a more relaxed look. And if you think these pointed toes are too soft, don't worry, we won't disappoint you in the upcoming summer. You'll see extremely square toes on your shoes and sandals.

Let's start by showing you the Seiale Focha ankle boot with a soft yet slightly rounded pointed toe to give it more character. In this Seiale boot, you can also find one of the star materials of recent seasons: snakeskin (always cowhide with a print resembling the snake pattern). A detail to understand the different qualities of this type of leather is the vibrant tones and the more or less pronounced patterns. The more blurred the snake pattern and the more muted the color, the less eye-catching and more common you'll find that print on basic products. Take a look at the definition and intensity of our Seiale models:




 Let's continue with straight toes, but this time in smooth finishes. The Seiale Venres ankle boot is a clear example of what you shouldn't miss. Its straight toe with a square corner makes it an icon of this winter. The distinctive feature of this boot, in addition to the straight toe, is the leather-colored sole edge that runs along the entire side. Without a doubt, with this boot on your feet, we would go all-in on black. We can assure you that you won't go unnoticed ;).


 Now we present you the ultimate square toe, the most advanced trend of this winter. With this Elena Iachi boot on your feet, you will undoubtedly be the queen of your personal paradise. Take a look, this is a straight toe with a square volume – you'll literally be wearing a cube on the tip of your foot. And if that wasn't enough, it features a high shaft, embracing another trend of this winter: over-the-knee or thigh-high boots. Just let me tell you that once you try them on... you won't want to take them off. Plus, they're very easy to combine.


  And if you're someone who loves biker styles, don't worry, we also have the perfect option for you. This brown distressed leather biker boot with a side buckle, Cuban heel, and of course, a square toe. This winter, you can choose square toes to be the queen of both paradise and the road ;)

 The last example of a square toe that we'll show you has a more 90s and retro vibe. This Seiale Fofo ankle boot, with a visible and covered platform, is available in two options: matte black leather or full snake print. Whichever you choose, you'll be getting a basic piece with a lot of personality.




Continuing with the boot shaft height, as we mentioned earlier when discussing straight toes, this season high-calf boots have come to stay, at least until next summer.

The photo below shows you an option of a flat boot with a distressed suede finish and a shaft that reaches just below the knee.

The other option for boot shaft height this autumn-winter 2020 is the mid-calf height, a height that we love, especially when paired with dresses.The next option you're going to see is a mid-calf boot made of a stunning ice-colored leather with a textured coconut finish. Just imagine a total black look with these mid-calf biker boots on your feet. We were talking about being the queen of the road earlier, right? 😉




We believe that it has been at least three winters since you could find Chelsea boot models in our stores. Well, this winter is the definitive one because they have finally exploded, and yes, we know that you will find all kinds of Chelsea boots in many stores. However, we hope that they won't be as beautiful as the ones in Moksín.

Here we present a selection of Chelsea boots that you will have a hard time finding in other outlets, and it's proof that we always seek exclusive and high-quality models. You may find similar things... but undoubtedly, not identical. They stand out for their finishes, lasts, and their longevity in your wardrobe and on your feet.These two mid-calf height models are hard to match:

 Another example of Chelsea boots that we offer this winter, and it's not the first time as our most loyal customers know, are the Blundstone boots. These boots have been tested not only on the feet of many of our customers but also on the feet of people all over the world. Blundstone is an Australian work boot brand that has been manufacturing boots for a whopping 150 years. They are an icon among Chelsea boot models worldwide. (If you want to know more and delve deeper into the Blundstone brand and their work boots, we have a dedicated post that you can explore at any time).

Next, we present the photo of the model that commemorates the 150th anniversary of Blundstone boots, available only in burgundy color and with exclusive pulls for this occasion. It is only available in a few stores worldwide as it is a limited edition. If you've just fallen in love with them, hurry up and take them home because they will sell out very quickly.


At Moksín, we have always looked responsibly towards the future. If you've been following us for a while, you already know that you can find vegan shoes, bags, and sustainable products in our collections. The extreme situation our planet is facing, now even more accentuated by this pandemic, is a call for change. We have a responsibility to evolve towards a new type of consumption and, why not say it, a new philosophy of life (we will dedicate a post to this topic in a few days).

Until now, it had been challenging for us to find products that were truly made responsibly. We spent a lot of time researching and came across products labeled as vegan because they were not made from animal-derived materials, but they were still harmful to the environment due to the use of synthetic materials and plastics. It wasn't enough for us.

But never ones to give up, we have one of our latest additions directly from Milan, with Italian craftsmanship and, of course, fitting in with the current boom of Chelsea boots. However, these boots are made responsibly and locally in Italy, using chrome-free leather and offering a vegan option for customers who prefer no animal-derived elements in their boots.

Another characteristic of OA Non Fashion boots and booties is their degradable rubber soles, which degrade significantly within six months.

The first option is the OA Non Fashion Chelsea boot in camel suede.


And the second option is the vegan Chelsea boot in black with mustard accents.



At the beginning of the post, we mentioned that we always present and anticipate shoe types or boot types that will be, or have a high likelihood of being, at the center of trends in the upcoming seasons. The shoe type we are going to talk about next has been, personally speaking—now I'm speaking on an individual level, not on behalf of everyone at Moksín—one of my favorites and one that I used to wear during my teenage years. I hope that as you read this, and for many of our followers, it brings back some memories of youth. It seems, or wants to seem, that gradually there is an attempt to revitalize past models and icons that had been forgotten. In this moment when fashion is increasingly looking to the past, perhaps recalling better times in the industry, there is an effort to revive shoe models that we had already forgotten. We could talk about various models, but in this case, we will tell you about the Wallabee-style shoe, or simply the Wallabees. In their heyday, they were so iconic that they didn't even need the word "shoes" in front of them. "Mom, I want a pair of Wallabees."

Well, the Wallabees have returned, or are returning, to our lives. At Moksín, we have chosen this model in a suede finish and khaki color with a warm wool interior for this winter. The Wallabee shoe you see below is responsibly made and belongs to the OA Non Fashion collection we mentioned earlier.

One of the reasons that could be argued for bringing back these types of shoe models from the past is that being truly timeless models, it is more difficult to fit them into a specific season, so when people look at our feet, they will never know if they are on or off trend for that year. 😉

An example of this nostalgic look back is the retro vintage lines that some brands like Nemonic present in their collections, featuring shoe models with shapes and heels that evoke the 1960s and the pin-up era in all its splendor. Patent leather, prints, or matte finishes are some of the materials that make these shoes unique. They are shoes with very personal combinations and finishes that provoke both love and hate, depending on the eye of the beholder. You can find some examples of these types of shoes and ankle boots from Nemonic in the following photos.


And finally, to wrap up and conclude the post on trends for this fall/winter 2020, we will list the types of shoes and boots for winter that have been with us in recent winters and continue to make a statement. As we mentioned at the beginning, we are in a moment where everyone can dress as they please and be true to themselves, regardless of the trend of the year, and personally, we love that. One option that continues to be popular is the cowboy boots. We must admit that we initially thought they would be quite worn out after several seasons in the spotlight, but you have surprised us with even more enthusiasm for cowboy boots and ankle boots, even as we transition from pointed toes to square toes. Natural fur boots, which were top sellers in recent winters with brands like Mou, Ugg, and Dolfie, have become a wardrobe staple for the coldest days of winter, although understandably, they are no longer at the forefront of current trends. Of course, in this group of resilient styles, we find sneakers that continue to dominate the market and our feet due to their comfort and the wide variety of options available. It's worth noting that the current trend within athletic shoes is retro tennis. One brand that is thriving in this trend is Veja, whose sustainable and responsibly made sneakers can be found at Moksín, including vegan options. Other sneaker brands that remain popular include Philippe Model for an elegant touch and Diadora Heritage for urban styles. Within Moksín's Street line, you can also find classics like Vans Old School Anaheim and basic white Converse sneakers.

We hope this post has helped you gain a deeper understanding of the shoe and boot trends we present for this fall/winter. We look forward to welcoming you at our physical stores and our online store, Moksín.