Get ready to discover the most exciting trends for the upcoming autumn-winter season. We're about to reveal some irresistible styles that will make you fall in love! Velvet is set to steal the spotlight, with velvet shoes, boots, and booties flooding the stores in our cities this year. And let's not forget the triumphant return of boots with fur interiors, a treat for your feet. The classic Mou boots with cozy fur lining, the elegant Dolfie Indiana boots, and the iconic Ugg boots will once again conquer the shop windows and streets across the country. But that's not all – at Moksín, we'll also introduce you to booties and sneakers with double-faced fur, specifically from the stunning collection by Kennel and Schmenger. Trust me, they will leave you amazed!

Another important detail in this season's trends is the variety of heel volumes. From square-heeled shoes and pumps to round-heeled booties, you'll find an array of shapes and dimensions that haven't been seen in years. Not to mention the arrival of shoes and booties with pointed toes, adding a touch of sophistication.

And now, let's talk about colors to give that final touch to this sneak peek of the upcoming autumn-winter season. Military green boots will continue to make a statement in our wardrobes, followed by the timeless and versatile black, which is essential for both the young and the young-at-heart fashionistas. Another hue to watch out for is burgundy shoes, as it always creates a warm and elegant look when paired with velvet.

This is just the beginning! In our upcoming posts, we'll delve deeper into specific collections and brands that we've carefully selected for this exciting autumn-winter season. At Moksín, we're thrilled to share with you the best offerings for the season. Don't miss out on the latest updates!