We will start by talking about the basic boots par excellence that until now have been the queens of the best selling boots with inner hair for girls and boys during the last winters. Ugg boots for boys and girls are already so well known and common that there is little we can tell you that you don't already know about them. So we are simply going to share the images of the ones you can find in Moksín.

Other boots or sneakers for children that you all know and that your kids surely already have at least a pair of them at home are the Converse sneakers for boys and girls. This time as we are talking about products for the cold we present the following Converse slippers for children with inner hair and camel color. These Converse children's slippers are made with a very soft skin and to take the interior finish all lined in hair make the word "slipper" acquires its full meaning because the feeling will be like being in slippers all day. This model that we present below belongs to the fashion line of converse for children and you can find it in our stores.

And if up to this point we were talking about basic boots for children that we all know, now we are going to talk about the new trends that are coming and that begin to replace the previous ones.

First we will show you the Mou boots for boys and the Mou boots for girls that, as we have said before, are gradually gaining a place among the Ugg boots for children as they are their direct rival. This autumn winter in Moksín we present the Mou boots for girls metallic lilac and beige or gold. 

As a last option but not the worst, on the contrary, we leave you a model of Dolfie boots for girls with inner hair, specifically the Dolfie Indiana for girls that will undoubtedly be the most innovative with respect to the previous ones, it is certainly the most different and fun.

And the Mou boots for boys and girls in taupe, the most basic of all but that is a wildcard when it comes to combine it with any look.

Another option and the last one that we present in Moksín within the Dolfie brand, are these Dolfie booties for boys and girls with nautical type inner hair.

We hope that any of these options for children's boots with inner fur can serve as a guideline for you to decide and leave part of your back-to-school budget for these little whims. That surely your little ones will enjoy on the coldest days of winter.