Do you want to be comfortable and sporty without wearing a sneaker? Rediscover the Slip-On

As a verb, "slip-on" denotes something that is easy to put on, while as a noun, it refers to a type of shoe that lacks laces, zippers, Velcro, or other fastening elements. For many of us, "slip-on" brings to mind a specific style that became popular through Vans, with their iconic black and white checkered pattern, and later expanded into countless combinations and colors. You've probably spotted them on people's feet before, and depending on your age and style, you might have even worn a pair yourself (no worries, fashion trends come and go, and we all have a past ;)). Like other shoe styles that experienced a significant surge thanks to a particular brand, after the initial craze, only two options remain: adapt or fade away. In the case at hand, it seemed like the slip-on trend was fading in recent years, except for Vans, who always kept them in their catalog. However, this summer things have changed, and many brands have decided to revive this style. They are indeed a great choice for those who prioritize comfort or prefer not to wear sneakers in the summer. The various patterns, colors, and even subtle differences in the shape make it possible to find a suitable pair to match your personal style.

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