Satorisan, concious walking

Satori, a Spanish brand, draws its inspiration from the mystical creature in Japanese folklore that guides individuals towards discovering their inner spirit. With their collection of sneakers, Satorisan seeks to embody this philosophy and promote a lifestyle of tranquility and harmony with nature. The brand places a strong emphasis on environmental consciousness, making it an integral part of their ethos.

However, Satorisan never compromises on aesthetics or quality. Each pair of Satorisan sneakers is meticulously designed and crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that they age gracefully over time. This commitment to eco-consciousness extends to the durability of their products, allowing them to remain functional and visually appealing even as they wear with use.

The brand finds inspiration in the imperfect beauty of nature, infusing their designs with a sense of "uniqueness." Satorisan sneakers are intended to convey a lived-in feel, telling the story of the wearer through their distinctive character and charm.

Furthermore, accessibility is a key consideration for Satorisan, striking a balance between product quality and ease of acquisition. They strive to reach as many individuals as possible while upholding sustainable practices and delivering the best sneakers imaginable.

Satorisan's commitment to sustainability is exemplified by their use of conscious materials, such as recycled fibers, gold-rated leathers, and recycled/recyclable packaging. Their goal is to create a circular economy where resources are utilized responsibly.

One notable model that embodies Satorisan's sustainable approach is the Chacrona sneaker, available for both men and women. Described as their most conscious creation, it reinterprets the cross-training sneakers of the 80s, designed to withstand the test of time. The ergonomically crafted insole utilizes eco-friendly materials and offers exceptional grip through its small integrated studs. The shoe is constructed using sustainable fabrics like recycled linen, cotton, and EVA. Setting them apart from other brands, the laces are crafted entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

Another option, suitable for both men and women, is the Heisei Gaia Terra sneaker. Its classic design also incorporates sustainable materials, making it the perfect choice for the spring/summer season. The breathable and comfortable construction ensures a cool experience even on hot days.

Lastly, Satorisan introduces its latest addition, the Enso Gaia sneaker, paying homage to old-school skate shoes for men. With a retro style, the Enso Gaia features a rubber sole, organic cotton upper, and premium materials. The rustic and worn-in finish, consistent with Satorisan's other sneakers, adds an organic touch and a deeper connection to the planet.