Party collection spring/summer 2023

Every spring/summer season brings a multitude of events like weddings and parties. At Moksín, we want to ensure that you have all the options you need when it comes to choosing your outfits. That's why we make the best possible selection each year to offer you choices that cater to your needs.

Parties are the perfect opportunity to shine, and this year, glitter is more trendy than ever. We want you to sparkle like no one else and feel comfortable at the same time. We believe that not only should you wear sandals or accessories that suit your needs, but you should also feel radiant. With just a glance at your feet, you can express your personality.

We understand that everyone is unique and expresses themselves in different ways. That's why we wanted to cater to all of that. That's why the glitter trend appears in our selection of shoes and sandals, featuring mirror fabrics, metallics, sparkling platforms, and more. We know that we have something special for your special day.

While not everything in sandals is about glitter and shimmer. The materials featured in this year's party sandals offer rich variety and differentiation.

Velvet is one of the most classic materials that, combined with modern silhouettes from our selection of shoes and sandals, creates the perfect blend of timelessness and contemporary style for this season's collection.

But nothing is more timeless and elegant than black. Our best-selling model, the Seiale Lance sandal, made from high-quality leather, is here to complement and accompany all your looks this spring/summer season. We also have bolder options in black, such as the Xiro platform sandals, also from Seiale, but this time made with satin fabric, to create a juxtaposition of elegance and rebellion.

However, whether you prefer to wear the highest heels at the party or opt for a lower and more practical heel height, we have the perfect sandal for you.

We also didn't want to forget to mention our handbags. You can find the perfect evening bag that complements your chosen sandals, whether they are glittery, mirrored, or velvet. The available options range from classic rectangular bags with a chain strap to more innovative designs in the form of a pouch.

Another one of our favorite brands that is introducing party and event sandals this year is Strategia, known for its unique and groundbreaking designs. They never fail to deliver pieces that will define your style.

To learn more, use the search bar on our website and select the "Parties and Events" category to discover everything we have curated for you. You can also visit our physical stores in A Estrada and Santiago de Compostela, where our Moksín team will be delighted to assist you and provide personalized advice.