We're just a few days into February and we already have one of the best pieces of news of the month: at Moksín, we're starting the 2nd sales! What does it mean to have second sales? Well, it means that an additional discount is added to a large part of the products on the website, both in the online store and in physical stores. This means that some of our most special pieces are at the best possible price. And that's exactly what we're here to talk about today, unique pieces at unique prices. From the best qualities and finishes of the season to the most groundbreaking and innovative designs.

One of the most special boots of the season, and one we've talked about in some other posts because they deserve all the spotlight possible, are the Elena Iachi Nature Nero cowboy boots. Its modern design and wonderful qualities (which this brand uses in all its models) make it a unique boot. It's still the highest version of a black cowboy boot, but with the studded trimmings, it also adds a distinguishing element.


Also, speaking of black boots, there are the queens of minimalism and Avant-Garde, the boots from Puro Secret. Clean designs but carefully thought out to be the best version of a simple black boot possible. These boots have the softest and most comfortable leather possible, adapting perfectly to the foot and leg. The sole is pure comfort, and in many cases, they have a bit of a platform, which also elevates you a bit off the ground allowing for a more stylized look, and it also adds that trendy touch. Without a doubt, one of our favorites is the Puro Secret Cloud 7 Calf Stretch boot and the Puro Secret Rubber Spike Calf Stretch boots, both with a sole that emulates a sneaker.


If we had to choose a pair of sneakers to include in this selection, it would be the Womsh sports shoes. These are Italian sports shoes whose manufacture and materials are carefully designed to offer you maximum comfort while being as environmentally friendly as possible. To achieve this, they use metal-free tanned leather combined with a vegan material they created from apple skin scraps, which looks very similar to leather but uses reused vegetable materials. The vegan model of this season, the Womsh Circle White Bronze Vegan sneaker, has us totally in love, and continuing with the "metallic" trend, we also love the Womsh Harlem White Fuchsia sneaker.


Next, and although we dedicated a post almost exclusively to these loafers, there are the Sebago Dan Lug Studs loafers, available in black and white. Many of you will already be familiar with the exceptional quality of Sebago loafers, but they also want to give them a new look and reinvent the brand, modernizing some of their more classic styles and adapting to trends. And they're doing it very well.


Accessories are also one of the best options to check out during the second sales, and in particular, Campomaggi bags. This Italian brand is known for its unique style, remaining faithful to its aesthetic every season, and having one of the best qualities and finishes in bags we've ever seen. The materials used are carefully chosen to always provide excellence, and despite being timeless, some chosen colors are slightly influenced by long-lasting trends that have been carefully studied. And it's a bag for a lifetime. The Campomaggi Hasni bag, with a metallic finish and a baguette shape, can be hung at different heights and worn across the body. Despite being a cylindrical baguette bag, the storage space is complete and sufficient. It's a unique bag at a unique price.


All these styles and more are available in our online store and in physical stores: Moksín A Estrada and Moksín Santiago de Compostela. Remember that in both points of sale we have the second sales available, so don't miss out on them. See you in the next blog!