Our Top Picks from the -30%, -40%, -50% Men's Selection!

If you've read our latest post, you'll know that we covered the best pairs from our -30%, -40%, -50% selection for women. Of course, we couldn't leave out our favorite picks for men, as there are undoubtedly some pieces you might find intriguing.

During this ongoing sale period, we aim to surprise you with pairs you may not have seen on our website yet or may have overlooked, but are undoubtedly a great find.

We've curated this selection with the hope that you'll discover an opportunity to own those sneakers you've had your eye on or find lace-up shoes suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Starting with our favorites from the -30%, -40%, -50% selection, we have the most timeless and elevated model in the lineup – the Diadora Heritage Mi Basket Row Cut sneaker in white. Featuring a slightly off-white logo on the side and a worn-looking sole, this sneaker embodies urban aesthetics. A basic yet elevated choice, it's incredibly versatile and can rescue you when you're unsure about what to wear.

Next up from Diadora Heritage is the Mi Basket Row Cut Ita Valdilana sneaker, possibly one of our favorites in this brief overview of the selection. These urban-inspired sneakers showcase a denim patchwork style, differentiating sections with frayed edges for a distinctive look. Denim is a secure trend this season, making these sneakers a stylish choice. What sets them apart is the use of different-colored tongues – one green and the other pastel yellow – following the current trend for spring/summer 2024.

Continuing with sneakers, we have the Valsport Magic Run, combining green, dark orange, and black to evoke a utilitarian aesthetic that aligns with current trends. Despite its utilitarian inspiration, this sneaker remains versatile and can add a laid-back touch to even more elegant outfits.

Our final sneaker to highlight is the Run Of Evo PPT Dust Men. With various blue textures, this sneaker taps into the trend while remaining a wardrobe staple. The combination with a cream sole gives it a retro touch, supporting its status as a timeless piece. Blue is set to be one of the standout colors of the season.

If you're on the lookout for versatile lace-up shoes that adapt to various situations and come in an easily combinable color, consider the Dr. Martens Berman Lo Shortstop. Crafted in suede leather, it features the classic Dr. Martens sole with yellow stitching, providing a modern twist to a timeless lace-up shoe

.If your top picks from the -30%, -40%, -50% selection for men match ours, let us know through our social media channels, especially Instagram, where you can find us as @moksin_com. To view the complete selection, click here, and don't forget to check out our website, moksin.com, for all the latest releases. See you in the next post!