Allow us to introduce you to Björk, an extraordinary artist who lives between New York and Iceland. She has an insatiable love for cycling and can often be found exploring Brooklyn's clubs in search of rare music finds. You might even stumble upon her in a remote Airbnb in Costa Rica, lost in the beauty of nature, or browsing through second-hand synthesizers on eBay, experimenting with new sounds. At 52 years old, Björk's energy and curiosity are as vibrant as a teenager's.

During a captivating conversation that lasted an hour and a half, she shared insights about her latest album, highlighting its departure from overt feminist themes and instead focusing on her own vulnerability as a woman. She emphasized that this work is one of her most positive endeavors, featuring lighter and more intriguing tones and colors. But beyond that, what resonated with us was her discussion about attitude – that intangible quality we often long for, the very essence that transforms an ordinary person into an extraordinary role model.

In an era dominated by globalization, industrialization, and individualism, where we crave everything here and now, easy, cost-free, and uncomplicated, Björk's formula for creating something meaningful and transcendent follows a different path – one of deliberate pacing, hard work, and profound reflection. She draws inspiration from nature, her Icelandic heritage, and the relationships and respect between individuals, transforming these elements into art.

The singer is known for dedicating two years to researching bird sounds or assigning someone months to investigate and document details that will eventually shape her stage performances. Each component of her artistic expression is meticulously crafted, infused with deep meaning and immense value.

As a testament to this, for her latest album, Björk recognized the significance of flute sounds and took it upon herself to learn how to arrange music for this instrument. Instead of simply consulting theory books like most people would, she went above and beyond. She gathered a group of talented female flutists and invited them to her countryside home every Friday for several weeks. Over glasses of wine, in a collaborative space, they not only explored the instrument and its sounds but also shared their life experiences. Such a process might be unimaginable for most, but Björk understands that it is these kinds of decisions that ultimately make a difference, allowing her to grow as a person and, by extension, as an artist.

Listening to her speak about the flutists and other collaborators, whether more experienced or less, is a true pleasure. Björk holds deep admiration and reverence for individuals, demonstrating utmost respect for all. Despite her status as a globally renowned and established artist, she maintains a level of self-awareness and empathy that is not commonly seen. We were struck by her profound vision and perception of work and life. In recent years, she has shifted away from intense months-long tours and opted for spaced-out concerts, allowing herself and her team to return home and maintain a more "normal" and sustainable rhythm of life. Some might even label this approach as "slow music" or sustainable tours, but for Björk, it's about finding balance and prioritizing well-being.

In one of the most fascinating coffee conversations we've had in recent times, we discovered that beneath Björk's extravagant looks and captivating stage presence lies a grounded, approachable, and truly unique individual. If you ever have the opportunity, we highly recommend attending one of her events. It's an experience that will leave an indelible mark on your soul.