From the northernmost regions to the southernmost corners, and from the eastern coast to the western landscapes, Galicia resonates with music during the summer months. Whether it's the lively orchestras and vibrant street parties competing to organize the best celebrations or the diverse festivals that span across the Galician geography, there is something for everyone. With a plethora of festivals catering to various tastes and audiences, it's a matter of personal preference to choose the ones that align with your interests. While selecting only three festivals from the vast array of options is challenging, this list serves as an inspiring starting point, and you can always explore more.

Festival de Ortigueira:

Considered a timeless classic among Galician summer festivals, the Festival de Ortigueira boasts a long-standing history. Every July, music enthusiasts flock to Santa Marta de Ortigueira to revel in the finest folk and Celtic music performances. With over a hundred thousand attendees, this festival has earned its reputation as a global reference for Celtic music. Spanning four eventful days, it's crucial to don comfortable shoes that can endure the festivities. Slip into a pair of Vans sneakers to ensure you can fully embrace the four-day celebration.


SinSal stands out among the plethora of summer music festivals in Galicia, captivating attendees with its distinctive setting. Hosted on the enchanting island of San Simón, which holds a rich historical significance as a stage for medieval cantigas, a 19th-century lazaretto, and even a prison during the Spanish Civil War, SinSal offers an unparalleled experience. What sets this festival apart is not only its extraordinary location but also the element of surprise. The lineup remains a mystery until the festival unfolds, leaving attendees speculating about the performers. With a limited capacity due to the island's constraints, all concerts take place during the daytime. Embrace the unique atmosphere by donning Vans espadrilles or colorful Converse sneakers.


Another esteemed presence in the Galician summer festival scene is Reperkusión, held in Ourense during September. In recent years, it has found a home in the historic Ciudad de los Muchachos in Bemposta, which holds a special place in Galician history. This multidisciplinary gathering celebrates cultural fusion through an eclectic mix of music styles and circus performances. As the festival organizers eloquently describe, Reperkusión aims to embrace originality and captivate audiences with its diverse offerings. To fully immerse yourself in the festival's magic, opt for comfortable footwear such as Nemonic sports boots for a potentially cooler September or Inuovo sandals if the weather leans towards a warmer ambiance.