It was a big surprise when on our last trip to Milan we found these boots on the feet of the ever so fashionable Milanese girls and boys. After walking and walking through the streets of one of the fashion cities par excellence and not stopping to see them we realized that it was definitely the latest at the time. Blundstone boots are the latest iconic, single-product boot brand to jump onto our streets ready to completely invade them. Although in this case coming from Australia and not from the UK as Dr. Martens boots and Hunter wellies did at the time.

As the origin of Blundstone boots was their dedication to work, they retain a number of features that make them unique. The outsole of Blundstone boots and boots is resistant to oil, acid and organic fats and can withstand 140 degrees of temperature. Over the years, their light weight has increased considerably, as well as their more ergonomic construction, which helps reduce wearer fatigue. Blundstone boots also have an insole with PORON in the heel for greater protection from shocks and at the same time anatomical and removable to ensure maximum comfort. And finally, the midsole and outsole are highly resistant to hydrolysis and microbial attack.

Here are some photos of some of the models that you can find this fall winter in our store. As you can see they are all boots and ankle boots with side elastic, also called chelsea boots. They also have a V cut in the upper part that reduces the contact with the seams.

Blundstone boots are resistant, comfortable and very light boots for daily use. When you buy Blundstone boots or boots you will be acquiring a product for several years and that with the use and the passage of time will become increasingly attractive due to its type of aging.